Inlign' helps you place the culture of experimentation at the heart of your strategy to (re)create value. In constantly shifting markets, an organization's major competitive advantage becomes its ability to experiment. The best armed companies for the future are those that will test, learn and develop value-creating adaptive capacity at all levels of the company.

Our vision

Our experiment-based approach has roots in user-centric design, lean thinking, and entrepreneurship.

We help managers to acculturate with experimentation processes so that they can promote it to their teams. We help them identify the right intrapreneurs at all levels of their business and empower them so that they succeed in driving the necessary changes within the company. And all this using the best learning mechanism that exists: experimentation.

Aside the creation of labs and incubators, the success of an innovation strategy can only be achieved with a high adoption and diffusion of the culture of experimentation throughout the organization.

Our teams catalyze a culture change at every level of your company. Change does not happen overnight, Inlign' is at your side to make the right changes step by step in order to achieve concrete and measurable transformations and generate business results.

As part of our missions, we make sure that you get closer to essential resources: your customers and your employees. Their role is central to innovation processes, nothing fundamentally useful and new can be done without their mobilization and commitment.

1. Create. Test. Learn.

2. Validate & value learning.

3. Repeat until a success is proven.

Our approach

At Inlign', value is created collaboratively: our missions and recommendations are made with our clients, from A to Z. Our long-term goal is the transmission of our know-how and philosophy on innovation processes to make key innovation stakeholders more autonomous in their work.


teams, processes, tools, internal projects, assumptions, data.


Boards and division directors on innovation, user-centric design, lean thinking, and the innovation ecosystem.


an innovation strategy, a transformation project, the organization of innovation, and a culture of innovation within the company.


key intrapreneurs to rely on and the relevant projects to experiment.


test projects, measure their impact with the right data, learn quickly to increase the chances of success.


the setting up, deployment and acceleration of the innovation methodologies tested during the experimentation phase, and then make them actionable processes.

Key advantages

  • Make your organization more agile, less open to the risks of its market;
  • Provide a breeding ground for continuous innovation and learning;
  • Reorganize your business processes with experimentation and re-create value;
  • Integrate into your strategy a new way of managing projects;
  • Attract new talent with a strong innovation culture;
  • Increase the speed of experimenting with new ideas and multiply the chances of success of your innovative projects;
  • Reduce silos, and align your human capital with shared goals that have a positive impact;
  • Engage and involve your teams in useful projects that value them.

Our values




Validated learning



A few examples

  • Organizing, facilitating and managing a week of design thinking workshops on a key marketing strategy for a global company;
  • Supporting digital teams in the integration of design approaches in their working methods;
  • Supporting a COMEX in their better acculturation on innovation initiatives;
  • Supporting an intrapreneur in the insurance sector in launching a disruptive project;
  • Coaching a HR department of a large logistics group in the development of skills on design thinking approaches;
  • Organization advisory between a marketing team and a technical team before setting up a design system.